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Journey With Me Through ADHD: A Podcast for Kids

This podcast will speak straight to the heart and mind of a child impacted by ADHD. It's a helpful conversational tool that can be used by families and educators. This podcast was created so those in my ADHD world never have to feel alone! 

May 6, 2021

"Mom! I need more fidgets to trade at school!" Are your kids into collecting and trading fidgets too?! Don't let this fad fool you! Fidgeting is not only a form of entertainment, but also holds extra value for those of us with ADHD. That hand/body movement releases two chemicals called, norepinephrine and dopamine! These are chemicals that our mind and body crave to regain focus and maintain concentration! In this fun episode, you will hear from my daughter, Alayna, who shares her fidget stash with you and talks about how the fidgets help her not only mentally, but emotionally as well. We look forwarding to hanging out with you to talk all about fidgets! What's your favorite way to fidget? 

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