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Journey With Me Through ADHD: A Podcast for Kids

This podcast will speak straight to the heart and mind of a child impacted by ADHD. It's a helpful conversational tool that can be used by families and educators. This podcast was created so those in my ADHD world never have to feel alone! 

Dec 9, 2021

AHHHH! Interviewing Dr. Hallowell has been a dream of mine since starting this podcast and here is the 1st of a 3-part series of interviews with him!

If you don't know him yet, Dr. Hallowell is a world-renowned psychiatrist who specializes in helping kids and adults with feelings and understanding how our ADHD minds work differently. He squashes the words deficit and disorder while making it clear that we carry unique traits that need to be managed and great strengths that need to be celebrated. Our racecar brains with bicycle breaks need a breaks specialist! You will learn so much from this New York Times best-selling author who has written 20 books all about different brain topics, especially ADHD. You can find his books and other resources on his website . It was an honor to do this interview as he has been on Oprah, 20/20, and many other aired interviews! He also is the founder of Hallowell ADHD Centers in Boston, New York City, San Francisco, Palo Alto, and Seattle! He is one of the first doctors to ignite a deeper understanding of ADHD and the strength-based approach we all need to continue to foster and develop! 

You can also check out Dr. H's newest podcast titled, "Dr. Hallowell's Wonderful World of Different."

Leave a review to let me know what you think of our interview and the podcast as a whole! Have a super blessed day! Each one of you are loved and appreciated!