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Journey With Me Through ADHD: A Podcast for Kids

This podcast will speak straight to the heart and mind of a child impacted by ADHD. It's a helpful conversational tool that can be used by families and educators. This podcast was created so those in my ADHD world never have to feel alone! 

Nov 24, 2022

Did you know that movement actually has the power to help your brain grow and function better throughout the day!? It's true!

In this episode, you will meet Dr. Patrick LaCount who is a Psychologist from Fort Collins Colorado. Dr. LaCount specializes in helping those living with ADHD explore how their brains are built and how to individually thrive using customized treatment! One thing he is most passionate about is encouraging those with ADHD to get their bodies moving!! He shares how movement releases those endorphins, norepinephrine, and dopamine of course! These joy chemicals not only make us feel emotionally better, but also improve focus, motivation, and productivity, along with memory benefits and overall improvements in executive function skills. He shares the greatest secret about movement and that is the fact that it actually acts like water to our growing minds! We are not only exercising our bodies, but our brain reeps the benefit of getting stronger as well!! Wohoo!


Movement to start your day, throughout breaks in the day, and/or before an activity that requires focus is a great way to incorperate the joy feeling along with all the benefits of what movement releases to your brain! YES, it is HARD sometimes to get your body moving, especially when you just don't feel like it! BUT, this is when we encourage you to investigate that mindset and MAKE your body move! Your brain will thank you for it! 

You can find Dr. LaCount at where you can learn more about him and his services as well as discover other ways to connect with him! 

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Happy Thanksgiving to my US friends and I celebrate all of your around the world as I am thankful for each and every one of you!!! 

Love you all!