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Journey With Me Through ADHD: A Podcast for Kids

This podcast will speak straight to the heart and mind of a child impacted by ADHD. It's a helpful conversational tool that can be used by families and educators. This podcast was created so those in my ADHD world never have to feel alone! 

May 7, 2022

ADHD and procrastination go hand in hand! This is because when we are faced with a task to do, there are a lot of executive function skills needed to start, carry out, and complete that task! There is also the overwhelm factor, avoidance due to fear of failure, or even the mere fact that the task at hand is super boring to our brains!! 

In this episode, we will talk about "why" we procrastinate and some steps to take to move from procrastination to productivity!

1. Setting visual timers

2. Breaking tasks into bite size pieces

3. Self-advocate for interests, novelty, urgency, and doses of dopamine.

The biggest takeaway is having a conversation about what you procrastinate about and how you can best help your brain battle that tendency to conquor the tasks ahead! What steps do you need to practice in your home or at school to tackle procrastination head on?

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