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Journey With Me Through ADHD: A Podcast for Kids

This podcast will speak straight to the heart and mind of a child impacted by ADHD. It's a helpful conversational tool that can be used by families and educators. This podcast was created so those in my ADHD world never have to feel alone! 

Aug 19, 2021

"Just set up a routine!" Oh my word, I wish it were that easy!! Did you miss me last week?! I sure missed you! This is a perfect example...I was out of my routine as we took a trip to visit family and my podcasting days got all goofed up! Routines are so powerful!!! (Please Note: This is an interview and may need to be listened to in smaller parts!)

Studies show that following a daily routine helps with our neurological growth, emotional regulation, and overall sense of calm throughout a day.

Your ADHD brain CRAVES living in a routine world! HOWEVER, our busy brains often fight back and often choose chaos over order. This is when we need to step in and choose to seek help in finding a system or routine that we can make a habit out of doing. 

In this episode, you will hear from Susanne, who is the cofounder of a brilliant App designed to help those of us with ADHD create customized daily routines. Susanne  visits with us from Germany. She shares her personal story about the power of routines with her own son and how this Brili App has helped shape his days to be more successful, filled with more joy, and followed by feelings of accomplishment! 

Click on a link below for a free 30 day trial!

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I am thrilled to be partnering with Brili in the future to develop some updated customized routines that will hopefully be even more helpful to you! Please share feedback if you choose to use the App so I can relay the insight to the team and they can continue to improve it! 

Please email me questions or suggestions at

You can order my children's book, "Hi, It's Me! I have ADHD" from my website

Have a fantastic day! I look forward to being here with you again next week!